Interior and Exterior Reconstruction

Rebuilding a property after fire, water damage, mold, or natural disasters involves intricate interior and exterior restoration processes, but High Caliber is committed to building your property back to better than before.

Inside the property, the interior rebuild entails addressing structural repairs and replacing damaged elements like flooring, cabinets, and walls. Professionals focus on restoring the interior spaces to their pre-disaster state. The reconstruction of cabinets, flooring, walls and more aim to not only reinstate the functionality of the property but also rejuvenate its aesthetics, ensuring a comprehensive recovery within the interior spaces.

On the exterior, the rebuild concentrates on structural fixes, including roofing and siding restoration. Roof repair or replacement is crucial to safeguard the property from further damage caused by leaks or structural weaknesses. Similarly, restoring or replacing damaged siding enhances the property’s exterior integrity, fortifying it against future environmental elements.

Our Clients Love Us

I have known High Caliber Restoration for a long time. And all of my clients have only positive feedback on their professionalism and quick response. I highly recommend them.
Lazaro Lopez. P.A.
Buffalo, NY
Five star service! honesty & quality in their jobs with a staff committed to customer satisfaction. The best I’ve seen in this business.
Ron Arango. P.A
Brooklyn, NY

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