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Providing mitigation and remediation peace of mind

The aftermath of unforeseen events can be chaotic and overwhelming. Mitigation and remediation steps play a crucial role in addressing these consequences. After such events, there might be physical damage to property, infrastructure, or even harm to individuals. Mitigation involves actions taken to minimize these impacts, Remediation, on the other hand, deals with the aftermath by taking steps to repair, restore, or mitigate further damage

Fire Damage

Addressing the destruction caused by flames, smoke, and water

Water Damage

Prompt action to minimize losses and expedite the restoration process

Mold Damage

The site of mold doesn't have to be scary, let us the experts help


No matter what the damage we can help you

We bring character to the restoration industry.

At High Caliber Restoration, we embody values that go beyond the job itself, fostering trust, and making a positive impact on people's lives during challenging times. We maintain open communication and strive to exceed expectations to restore not just your property but also a sense of security and confidence for those affected.

Construction worker carrying a ladder
Licensed and Certified

Professional expertise and compliance with top industry standards, providing reliable and expert property restoration services

Fully Insured

Ensuring comprehensive coverage and protection throughout the property restoration process

Locally Owned

We understand and cater to the unique needs of our community

Accredited Company

Signifying our commitment of excellence to our clients and our industry

Our Clients Love Us

I have known High Caliber Restoration for a long time. And all of my clients have only positive feedback on their professionalism and quick response. I highly recommend them.
Lazaro Lopez. P.A.
Buffalo, NY
Five star service! honesty & quality in their jobs with a staff committed to customer satisfaction. The best I’ve seen in this business.
Ron Arango. P.A
Brooklyn, NY